Becoming 360 ELITE Membership Group

A fabulous Soul-Aligned Community & Membership to help support you and guide you on your journey with building a business that feels like it's authentically aligned with who you really are and your gifts for the World.

Included each month: Back office training aimed at business launch / relaunch and support (includes the fundamentals to setting up your business, money mindset, ideal client work etc) plus...

  • A supportive Facebook community to connect and collaborate with, a great safe space to ask questions and discuss ideas etc
  • 1 x Group Q&A to bring your business questions to
  • Access to Clinical Coaching Supervision every other month, an essential for any Coaches to gain support and mentorship around challenges with client issues in a confidential setting.
  • Monthly access to a New Moon Hypno-Meditation to set new intentions
  • Monthly relaxing live meditation
  • Access to coach demos
  • First access and discounted rates on our courses, workshops and retreats 

In your business you need 3 key elements: Strategy, Mindset & Energy work aligned in order to succeed in a sustainable and authentic way....inside of our membership this is what we do to support and help you grow a business that you adore and can thrive because you thrive.

Love, light & all things abundance.

21 Modules

Hi there and welcome

Welcome to the Becoming360 Business & Life Coaching Membership Programme. We're so happy you've chosen to be part of our community.

Becoming 360 is a monthly Facebook membership group that focuses on providing you with the guidance, tools and support in helping you to reach your life and business success goals. We are a group of like minded individuals who are passionate about living our life to our full potential and are so excited that you are joining us.

At Becoming 360 our mission is to guide you to:

So you can make the impact you were born to make...

So you can experience more freedom in your life and pass that onto others...

So you can live your passion, transforming the World one person at a time...

START HERE: Quickstart to kickstart

We know you're excited to get started so let's use that energy to go for some QUICK WINS for you and your business straight away... (BTW you can come back to this section every 90 days to re-visit and get some quick wins when you need a boost!)

Step 1 - Business CLARITY & VISION

If you want a growing and expanding business you need to know where you're heading which is why CLARITY & VISION is key so you can take strategic and aligned action.

Our Becoming 360 Business Clarity & Vision step by step process makes this a simple thing to navigate. Follow the system as laid out and enjoy your business and self-discovery journey.

Step 2 - Developing your SUCCESS MINDSET

Success in any area of life requires development and maintenance.

Due to our human minds having a 'negative bias' it's important that we develop clarity, vision, goals and success rituals to keep encouraging us forward towards our full potential and the impact our businesses can make on the lives of other people.

This where creating routines and rituals around monthly planning is key to help you stay on track with your goals and dreams.

Step 3 - Magnetising your IDEAL CLIENTS

We all want to work with the perfect clients for us. The ones that are not only a joy to work with, helping them with their transformation beings us as much pleasure and celebration as it does for them.

In this module you will be nailing your niche, identifying your ideal client plus know exactly how to speak directly to their pain points which you love to solve, so they know you are the person to come to help them.


Marketing requires consistency and strategy. Now you know who you're wanting to attract into your business. it's time to start working a consistent marketing plan to attract your ideal clients to you and your business.

Step 6 - Creating & Promoting PERFECT SALES PACKAGES

Our sales packages are what provide the fuel for our businesses, so it's important that we craft the perfect packages that our customers need and want and for us to follow a sales strategy that will get our ideal clients buying.

Step 7 - Uplevelling into YOUR QUEEN ENERGY

STEP 5 - Aligned Action


💫 Aligned action is action that you take which is in alignment with your goals - action that helps you to move to where you want to go - towards your goals, dreams and desires of creating a life of abundance and wealth. If there is no action there are no results.

💫 It is important that the action you take is aligned. Action that feels heavy, hustle, hard, painful is not aligned action - this action leaves you feeling tired, burned out, stressed. Action that feels light, fun, joyous, exciting is aligned action.

💫 So how do you move away from action that requires lots of effort and onto aligned action?

Jump into this module to find out more.

Lisa & Jo x

STEP 6 - Understanding Contrast


Everything that you don’t want in your life is your opportunity for clarity in what you do want and to grow and expand on a soul level - when you begin to really understand and embody this concept, you will know longer look at situations as holding you back.

Enjoy this section. 

Lisa & Jo x

STEP 8 - The Universal Laws

Modules for this product 21
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