Law of Attraction Wealth Practitioner Diploma


Even before we understand what money is, we understand it's impact on us and the desires that we hold, from wanting sweets when we're a child to wanting the latest fashions as we grow up. Money impacts every part of our life and it's important we have a good and 'wealthy' relationship with it.

We grow up with confusing messages about it which can impact our ability to manifest abundance and the live the free and happy life we may dream of. Instead we become routinely enrolled in what the masses do, ie: work hard and struggle - and believe this has to be our destiny too.


The Universe is made wholly of energy and as such has Universal Laws, which when understood, can allow any person to become a master of manifesting the wealthy lifestyle that is unique to them. The Universe is set up for abundance and THAT'S what this course is designed to help you master.

In this Becoming 360 Law of Attraction Wealth Practitioner Diploma we will be sharing with you about the 12 Universal Laws and how they relate to money, the steps to manifesting money as well as different 'feel good' processes you can personally use and show your clients how to use too - to have fun manifesting money.

This course is perfect for:

1. Anyone who is wanting to learn about money manifestation and wealth creation using Universal laws

2. Anyone who wants to become a Law of Attraction Wealth Practitioner.

3. For existing Life Coaches to further support their work in delivering deeper transformation work.

4. For all other holistic / therapeutic practitioners to further support their work in delivering deeper transformational work.

What you will learn:

1. About the 12 Universal Laws and an additional one that works alongside the Law of Attraction and their relationship to money

2. The art of manifestation

3. Feel good money manifesting tools and processes

4. Ways to release resistance to manifesting more money

5. How to run a session

5. BONUS: 3 x done-for-you Money Mindset & Manifesting Workshops which you can take and use as your own.

16 Modules

MODULE 10 - Booking in and working with clients

The following PDFs will help guide you through booking in your first few clients and what to do during your sessions with them

BONUS: Money Manifesting Masterclass Templates

Here are three Masterclass templates that we have personally run to great success. Feel free to adapt for your own uses, add to or take away from.

BONUS - Your 21 Day Manifesting Challenge and Journal

Now it's time to start putting this all into practice and experience the power of using the manifesting steps by taking the 21 Day Manifesting Challenge

Modules for this product 16

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