Accredited Chakra Balancing Diploma


Next LIVE Training Saturday 2nd December 2023. 10am-5pm (GMT)

Chakra means wheel and a chakra is a spinning wheel of energy vortex spinning invisible energy that is located in your body, helping to keep you in balance and flow with oneself.

There are many chakras within the body and your energy field but there are 7 main ones, which are the ones that people tend to focus on and the ones shared within this diploma.

These 7 chakras are called Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown Chakra.

These 7 chakra energetic points run along your spine, aligned with your spinal column, starting at your base, with the root chakra and going all the way up to the top of your head to the crown chakra and they help with well-being, helping to keep you in balance, harmony and in flow - emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. They can though become blocked and disharmony, unbalance can be experienced.

This diploma is an informative and experiential learning course which introduces you to Chakras and Chakra Energy Alignment & Balancing.  

This course is perfect for

1. Supporting self with own chakra alignment and balancing,

2. For you to deliver paid chakra alignment energy and balancing 1:1 client sessions

3. For coaches to support them in delivering deeper transformation work.

You will learn ...

What chakras are

Deeper dive into each of the 7 main chakras, including symptoms of a balanced / unbalanced chakra.

Be given chakra balancing activities that you can use on yourself and share with your clients 

How to conduct a chakra balancing session

How to deliver chakra balancing meditations - meditation scripts inc

About the chakra manifestation portal

Angels and crystals connected to each chakra 

The diploma is fully accredited by IPHM which will be given upon successful completion of the training

21 Modules

MODULE 11 - Exploring the Pairs of Interconnected Chakras

MODULE 12 - Chakras & The Manifestation Channel


You have enjoyed this course and now you are ready for more.  

Check out this module to find out further details.


Please complete all the questions in this module, as this forms part of your certification requirements

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