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Business Strategy - Ideal Customer / Client

Your Ideal Client

"When you speak to everyone, you speak to no one - focus on the people you want to attract to your business" Lisa & Jo x

One of the first places to start within your business is to build your audience up of potential clients who you can promote your course / programme.

Let's delve in 

Mindset & Energy Work - Tapping Videos to help overcome resistance to success

As we start to step into our power and uplevel it's very easy for our 'Inner Critic' to start getting louder and louder to try and steer us off course.

This is very normal as we start to break out of our old patterns of behaviour. Use these Tapping video / audios to help empower you to your new up levelled version of you.

Mindset & Energy Work - Meditations

In this module we provide you with meditations to help you to stay grounded, calmer and connected to your bigger vision.

Mindset & Energy Work - Mindset Mastery

Business Strategy - Heart Centred Selling: Clarity Calls Training

We can be an expert in our field but if we don't know how to sell our products and programmes then this can make us feel under-valued and frustrated that we're not seen as being good enough.

The truth is, when you understand how to sell from the heart, follow a great structure and you're passionate about what you're promoting, the sales really do take care of themselves.

Business Strategy - Social Media Strategy Masterclass with Cath Watters

Business Strategy - Launch and Challenge Masterclass with Lisa McMurtry

Business Strategy - Package Creation Strategy

This module is to help you to create a course / 1:1 or Group programme and each time you create a new course you can refer back to this module to guide you through.

Creating your course / programme requires you to keep your client at the forefront of your mind and creating packages that meet their needs and desired results.

Building a course requires you to understand your ideal client and understand how to serve them at a higher level, as well as understand the exact elements to include that will make your package offer of a high value.

(You know your clients more than anyone. If you are unsure or unclear on your ideal client, please check out the Ideal Client Module before moving on to this section of creating high value packages).

This module will help you step by step to put your high value course together, ready then to launch to your audience. 


Keep your client at the forefront of your mind.

Create packages that meet their needs and desired results - what are your clients biggest obstacles?

Understand your ideal client and how to serve them at a higher level.

Understand the exact elements to include that will make your package of a high value - consider your client biggest obstacles and how your course will alleviate these problems - consider creating a module per obstacle and are there sections within each module to further break down what is been taught.

Understand the value behind your package / service that you will deliver.

Business Strategy - Online Course Creation Platforms

We are sharing with you here 2 online course storage platforms that we use 

Business Strategy - Onboarding Process

I use a 6-step process when it comes to the onboarding process 

  • Start with the initial discovery call (check out selling with sass section to the Academy - send the person a link to your appointment diary and have an email automatically set up to inform them appointment is book and a reminder email - deliver the call with the coachee and follow up after the call with an email
  • Send payment link (using paypal or stripe) via the above follow up email
  • Send formal contract via email for coachee to read through and sign (once payment has been received) I send via google drive (The coaching agreement is again discussed within the clarity form).
  • Clarity Form - Once contract has been signed then email a blank clarity form for coachee to complete and return (again I store this in google drive)
  • 1st Coaching Call Appointment - Once clarity form is completed and returned - Appointment link is sent via email to book in first coaching call  
  • The first 1:1 coaching call is conducted (The clarity mapping session) ... I usually give this as a FREE bonus session.

Remember first session includes

  • Pre-coaching
  • Explanation of the first coaching call layout
  • Discussing with coachee the signed contract - roles, responsibilities & expectations of coach & coachee during coaching time together - opportunity for coachee to ask questions and you answer and verbal understanding and consent received by coachee
  • Opening up the coaching session with a grounding exercise
  • Going through the clarity form and exploring further using open ended questions
  • Opportunity for any more questions given to coachee
  • Next appointment booked in

Business Strategy - Kirsty Holden - Creating Systems for your Business

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