Selling with S.A.S.S. (Soul Aligned Sacred Sales)

Discover how to make more sales that feel authentic and heart-centred, make more money, help more people
and transform more lives

Live workshop
plus back office self-study access.

Monday 23rd October 2023

10am-5pm (BST)

with Senior Accredited Coach & Money Mindset Mentor: Jo Cantle


o   Know exactly what to say in each and every discovery call you have

o   Feel aligned with your pricing and confidently ask for the sale.

o   Have access to a powerful and proven script that you can customise according to your voice and your services

o   Feel completely at ease with the step by step sales process because it feels authentic and service led

o   Book in more discovery calls than ever before because you know exactly what to say to help more people

o   Help more people with your transformational coaching skills because you know how to help them get over their fears of investing in themselves

o   Make more money, doing what you love


"Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow, my first two discovery calls with the SASS techniques today and both ladies are signed up on to programmes and have paid in full, I'm so happy right now!!" SG

During this workshop you'll learn:


One of the gamechangers for closing powerfully is to set it up from the beginning of the call, we show you how you can easily implement a powerful introduction that puts you and your prospect at ease.


Your prospects are seeking answers from within, you already know how to show them this and now you can use it as a tool to help them understand why working with you is the only logical answer if they want deep and transformative change!


We understand you want to work with your own voice and intuition however, working with a flexible and structured script can help you follow the right steps to help you and your client to the destination of working together.


One of the most powerful things you can do is to help someone see the value that working with you can bring to them and their lives and how they want to feel. We'll show you exactly how to do this.


"I just made my first sale using SASS Techniques! £300 for 6 sessions to break an alcohol habit" VC

And even more...


Once you've helped your prospect access their clarity, you'll need to show them their vision gap - this is a powerful space to hold while they start to understand what is really holding them back and how you can uniquely help them.


One of the key aspects of heart-centred selling is you're coming from a space of service and wanting to help your prospects to their answers, however, sometimes resistance to move forward, which we know is often fear, can stop them in their tracks, we'll show you how to lead your prospect to the right solution to help them take those first few steps to freedom from feeling stuck which you can ultimately lead them to.


We're all passionate how we help people and of course we want to make good money doing it too. By using this step by step formula, you can start enjoying the Discovery Call process so you not only help more people, but make more money and enjoy what you're doing too!

Date of LIVE WORKSHOP: Monday 23rd October 2023

Time: 10am - 5pm (BST)

Pricing: Special Offer Price: £147 (Usual Price £333)

Includes access to back office self-study material

BONUS: an exclusive access to our self-study How to attract Your Perfect Match Client Programme

Testimonial from a Discovery Call

"I had a fantastic clarity session with Jo today...I have done lots of money blocks work and I wasn't sure what else I could need, Jo was fantastic and established that I had some wounds around money that needed healing and energetic work that needs to be done. I would highly recommend working with Jo to help with your money mindset and healing." LW

Hi I'm Jo....a few years ago I felt stuck, burned out and overwhelmed, I had been working in my health and fitness business for over 16 years and I just never seemed to get ahead with my business or my finances no matter how much I tried.

I'd noticed that many of my clients just weren't getting results that lasted and, through my own understanding of personal development, I was convinced it was down to their mindset. As I started to delve more and more into this fascinating subject I realised that it wasn't just my clients who had self limiting beliefs about what they could achieve, but I did too!!

I then started on a personal mission to discover how I could start to reprogramme the limiting decisions that I'd gathered throughout my life and be able to help more people along the way. This led me to learning wonderful modalities such as Life Coaching, EFT, NLP, Hypnosis and Angelic Reiki and during this time and my own healing I developed a passion for money mindset and energy work as I found that opening the door of the mind via money could lead me to where my clients most wanted transformation.

I had already been involved in some shape or form in sales for over 20 years and now I understood about money mindset and limiting beliefs, it was obvious to me where and how I could apply the lessons I had learned, but like many heart-led people I didn't want to feel salesy or pushy which is why I started studying soul-aligned selling techniques that felt more intutive to me and more empathetic towards my prospects.

I now know exactly how to help someone towards their transformation that doesn't feel salesy or pushy and even if they're not ready yet to work with me, I know how to leave the door open so neither party feels embarressed. This skilset has made me thousands and enabled me to help far more people than ever before. Which is why I'm excited about passing on this knowledge and skilset to you.

Many coaches hate the idea of selling their skills and believe they shouldn't be charging for helping people and, I have found, many give away their time and their energy too freely, which leaves them feeling low in confidence and under-valuing of their skills. This in turn stops them from helping more peple because tehy're afraid to put them out in the marketplace because they simply don't know how to connect with their prospects on their discovery calls.

This workshop will change ALL of that by giving you the knowledge and the skills to be able to run a fabulous discovery call that deeply connects with your prospects at a heart and soul level. They will feel seen and heard as you hold this very important space for them, and be excited to do the deep transformational work with you.

"At the end of the day people won't remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel" Maya Angelou

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South Yorkshire. UK


Will there be a replay?

Yes attendees will have access to a recording of the live workshop that they can access at any time.

Who is this for?

This workshop is perfect for Coaches and Mentors who would love to be able to increase their conversions on their discovery calls by knowing a powerful and proven structure for success.

Where will the workshop be hosted?

This workshop is virtual and will be hosted on Zoom

What is the date and time of the Workshop?

Monday 23rd October 2023. 10am -5pm (BST)

What is the cost of the workshop?

£147 (Special Offer price usual price £333)

What is the Early Bird Special?

The Early Bird Special is a powerful 2 hour workshop run by my co-creating Business partner, Master Accredited Coach, Lisa McMurtry and myself where we will be teaching you the special skills involve in calling in your perfect match client, we'll be including empathy mapping for the soulful entrepreneur, energy mindset work to call in your ideal client and how to create a powerful soul-aligned vision for you and your business. You'll leave this workshop with a clear road map on how to start attracting those perfect match clients that you LOVE to work with.

If I have a question how can I contact you?

Via email at

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